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Adams School
Clark Street Park
Kennedy Park / Fox Field
Deering Oaks Park
East End School
McIntyre Park
Munjoy South Park
Pleasant Street Park
Reiche School
Smith Street / Peppermint Park
Stone Street Playground
Tate / Tyng Playground
Will's Playground

Greater Portland
Carriage Lane
Doughtery Field / West School
Hall School
Heseltine Park
Nathan Clifford School
Longfellow School
Lyseth / Lyman Moore School
Payson Park
Presumpscot School
Riverton School

Cliff Island School
Great Diamond Island Park
Peaks Island School

Playground Amenities
Playground Amenities

Splash Pads / Water Features
Kiwanis Pool Splash Pad
Stone Street Splash Pad
Payson Park Splash Pad
Peppermint Park Splash Pad

adams school

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Adams School
48 Moody Street near Becket Street

Playground Hours are form 6:30 am to 9:30 pm.
We request school playgrounds be retained for school use during the hours when school is in session. All City of Portland playgrounds are tobacco-free zones. Dogs are prohibited on playgrounds, schoolyards, and athletic fields in the City of Portland.