b'P ro g ra m s Junior Naturalist: Junior Naturalist:The Outdoor Classroom Spring Edition Outdoor Classroom AdvancedAre you a 1st3rd grader ready to get out of the house this springAre you a 3rd5th grader that loves to be outside, exploring, and experience the outdoors like never before? Participants ofplaying and observing the natural world? this Junior natural-the outdoor classroom will be heading back into nature toist program is designed for you! this will be an outdoor-based explore and unlock the mysteries that lie within. once again wellprogram similar to the outdoor classroom, but geared towards be traveling to woodlands, beaches and wetlands to discoverthose who want to dig a little deeper as a group and explore all there is a great deal of fun to be had exploring outside! Programthat is coming alive this spring in southern maine. Program ac-activities may include: amphibian and reptile hunting, maine planttivities may include: amphibian and reptile hunting, maine plant and animal identification, tide pool excursions and learning basicand animal identification, tide pool excursions and practicing wilderness survival skills. Participants should come with an eageradvanced wilderness survival skills.mind and a willingness to play, learn and get dirty! dates: sundays April 28, may 5, 12, 19dates: sundays April 28, may 5, 12, 19 time: 9:30 am12:30 pmtime: 1:30 pm4:00 pm ages: grades 35ages: grades 13 location: meet at the riverton community center, 1600 forest location: we will meet at riverton community center Ave, Portland. the group will then be transported to the desig-1600 forest Ave, Portland, maine. the group will be transportednated location.by bus to the designated location. instructor: Landon knittweis, recreation Programmerinstructor: Landon knittweis, recreation Programmer What should i bring? water bottle, snack, appropriateWhat should i bring? Water bottle, snack, appropriate clothing/clothing, waterproof boots, backpack. A detailed list isfootwear for the weather, backpack. A detailed list is is availableavailable upon request.upon request. fee: $65 non-resident: $75fee: $55 non-resident: $65 min/max: 6/12min/max: 6/10 deadline: thursday, April 25deadline: thursday, April 25 fee Waiver eligible: yesfee Waiver eligible: yes fmi: call 808-5400 or email samara ray,fmi: call 808-5400 or email samara ray, sray@portlandmaine.gov sray@portlandmaine.govP o r t l a n d r e c . c o m 9'