b'A Walk in the ParkA year-round tour and lecture series in the parks of Portland, Maine Walk In the Park Summer 2019Join Portland Parks, recreation and facilities department for "A walk in the Park", a new monthly series of walks and talks in Port-land\'s Parks. Park historians, naturalists, and Park staff will lead a series of lectures, walks and bike rides in Portland\'s Parks and open Spaces to share the rich history and significance of these urban green spaces. Space is limited, register at portlandprf.com/1990/A-Walk-In-The-Park-Tours-and-TalksApril Augusttopic: bus tour of monuments and statues of Portland, maine topic: slow-ride bike through Portland Parks history time and date: saturday, April 27, 10:00 am 12:30 pm time and date: sunday, August 18, 9:00 am2:00 pm presenters: Jeff tarling, city Arborist and Jill mulkern, presenters: Jeff tarling, city Arborist; ethan hipple, deputy Lead Park ranger. director Parks, rec & facilities; Jill mulkern, Lead Park ranger; location: meet and board the bus at Parks and recreationsamara ray, naturalist Programmer; matt coleman,headquarters, 212 canco rd. Parks manager.description: ever wondered who the people are that havelocation: start at Payson Park Little League fields Parking Lot been permanently memorialized in our parks and publicfor a 9-mile bike loop through baxter boulevard, eastern Prom, spaces? want to learn about that statue you drive by on theLincoln Park, western Prom, deering oaks.way to work everyday? hop on the Parks and rec bus and takedescription: Join Portland Parks division staff for a 9-mile a tour of Portland monuments, statues and memorials.slow-ride bike loop through Portland Park history. bring your registration limited to 13.own bike and explore the history and political intrigue behind baxter boulevard, back cove trail, eastern Prom, western Prom and deering oaks parks, all while biking along Portlands June world-class, multi-use paths and bike lanes. topic: forest city trail hike (co-sponsored by Portland trails) registration limited to 20. time and date: saturday, June 1, 8:00 amSeptemberhike leaders: tom Jewell and kara wooldrick of Portland trails and ethan hipple, deputy director, Portland Parks, recreationtopic: Portland big tree bus tour& facilities. time and date: thursday, september 19, 4:00 pm-6:30 pmlocation: stroudwater river trail, begin at blueberry roadpresenters: Jeff tarling, Portland city Arborist; Jill mulkern, trailhead (on congress street past i-95 overpass) Portland Park ranger; matt coleman, Park manager.description: walk the 10 mile forest city trail, see two water- location: meet at Parks and recreation headquarters atfalls, woods, wetlands, and urban sanctuaries. walk through212 canco rd. school grounds, historic cemeteries and sidewalks to complete this route full of hidden gems in plain view. Learn about currentdescription: Join Portland Arborist Jeff tarling for a bus tour Portland trails and Portland Parks projects.of Portlands biggest and most significant trees, some over 250 registration through Portland trails: www.trails.org years old. hop on the bus with Jeff and you will visit verizon Pines, barron center, baxter woods and deering oaks, as well as some hidden gems.registration limited to 13. P o r t l a n d r e c . c o m19'