b'P e a ks I s l a n dPortland Parks, recreation & facilities department sponsors many on-island activities for residents of all ages on Peaks island includ-ing the After the bell school Program. in addition to the information below, a monthly schedule of activities can be found in the island publication, the Peaks island stAr and on island community bulletin boards. off-island trips are also occasionally scheduled.community centerthe Peaks island community center is available to rent for a variety of events including birthday parties, corporate functions, training and education programs, retirement parties and even small weddings, etc. if you would like to reserve the community center, please contact us at 207-766-2970. rental requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.Low Impact Aerobics with Weights Strength Training for WomenExercise Program All women are welcome in this class. we start with a 10-min-Join us for a fun-filled hour of low impact aerobics. Thisute stretch and aerobic warm-up. After warming up, we will routine will make you smile and laugh. the class is designeduse hand-held weights and ankle weights for a full range of for those who want to have fun while exercising. we stretch,strengthening exercises, working all major muscle groups with do low-impact aerobics and relaxation exercises. hand-heldstretches in between. All exercises are guided with students weights are used to build strength. emphasis is on doing whatseated in chairs or standing.is comfortable for you, standing or sitting. dates: location: Peaks island com-dates: mondays & thursdaysWhat should i bring?session 1 tuesdays & munity center room, Peaks year-round comfortable clothing (layers),fridays April 2 through island, 129 island Avenuetime: 9:30 am - 10:30 am good shoes, water bottleJune 28 instructor: rebecca stephanslocation: Peaks island fee: free session 2 tuesdays & What should i bring? com-community center min/max: 18 fridays July 2 through fortable clothes and footwearages: All ages welcome fmi: diane ricciotti 766-2970september 27 fee: $60.00 or $5.00 drop in instructor/s: group Lead or dianer@portlandmaine.gov session 3 tuesdays &fee per class, as space allowsfridays october 1 throughmin/max: 5/16 personsdecember 31Knit, Chat, Paint, Write & Etc. Group time: 7:15 am - 8:15 am fmi: contact rebecca at rebecca.stephans@gmail.comPlease join us for our knit, chat, Paint, write & etc. group. weages: women of all agescome together weekly to share our love of knitting and all creative projects and interests. our avid knitters work on knit- Strength Training for Adultsted items that are donated to local charities. bring your favorite craft, knitting project, your easel, any fun project.we welcome all adults to join this class. each class starts with a dates: thursdays year-round 10-minute stretch and aerobic warm-up. we will use hand-held weights and ankle weights and do a full range of strengthening times: 10:45 am11:45 am exercises, working all major muscle groups with stretches in ages: All are welcome between. All exercises are guided with attendees standing or seated in chairs.location: Peaks island community center dates:instructors: self-led session 1 - tuesdays & fridays April 2 through June 28What should i bring? your favorite project session 2 - tuesdays & fridays July 2 through september 27fee: free session 3 - tuesdays & fridays october 1 throughmin/max: nA december 31fmi: diane ricciotti, 766-2970 or dianer@portlandmaine.gov time: 8:30 am - 9:30 amages: Adults of all ageslocation: Peaks island community center room, Peaks island, 129 island Avenueinstructor: devon kraftWhat should i bring? comfortable clothes and footwearfee: $60.00 or $5.00 drop in fee per class, as space allowsmin/max: 5/16 fmi: contact devon at kraftdevon@gmail.com32 P o r t l a n d r e c r e a t i o n P r o g r a m g u i d e'