b'Community Center, Pool, Athletic Facility Rentals and Public Space PermitsLooking for a space to hold your birthday, anniversary, or graduation party? Is your family reunion too large for your home? Do you have a group that meets regularly? Rental options include various size rooms with access to kitchens, gymnasiums and pools depending on the site. Do you need a space to practice? Why not rent space at your local Community Center? Do you need a field or court? Are you in need of a public space for a wedding or an outdoor performance, a block party, etc.?We would be happy to accommodate you. You must be 18 years or older to rent. East End Community Center, 195 North Street Riverton, Reiche & Kiwanis Community Pool Rentals Peter Gerard: 773-8222 or ptg@portlandmaine.govColleen Lepage: 874-8456 or clepage@portlandmaine.gov Reiche Community Center, 166 Brackett Street Athletic Facility RentalsJon Call: 874-8873 or jcall@portlandmaine.govNick Cliche: 808-5400 or nc@portlandmaine.gov Riverton Community Center, 1600 Forest Avenue Public Space PermitsNoah Kerrigan: 874-8455 or nkerrigan@portlandmaine.gov Ted Musgrave: 808-5431 or tvm@portlandmaine.gov Peaks Island Community Center, Island Avenue Rusty Groh: 808-5434 or rgroh@portlandmaine.govDiane Ricciotti: 766-2970 or dianer@portlandmaine.gov'